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Opportunities for newcomers in the trades

With the upswing of the Ontario economy, there are a growing number of employment opportunities in the province’s skilled trades.

The modernization of skilled trades is crucial for the province to maintain its competitive edge.

In dozens of skilled trades across the province, technological advancements in design, equipment and maintenance have changed the way work is done.

Due to this rapid change in technology, businesses are in need of employees who are up-to-date with the latest skills and technological know-how.

The Ontario College of Trades recognizes this important trend, and works closely with its members to ensure that community colleges and union training centres are effectively providing apprentices with the education they need to thrive in the skilled trades.

“In two short years, the College has worked with skilled trades professionals and stakeholders to update apprenticeship curriculum and training standards so that individuals new to a trade can hit the ground running,” says David Tsubouchi, Registrar and CEO of the Ontario College of Trades.

“In fact the College has updated the curriculum standards for a variety of different trades – General Carpenter, Ironworker (generalist), Small and Marine Engine Technician – some of which hadn’t been updated in nearly 20 years.”

Tsubouchi says that skilled trades are an integral part of Ontario’s economy, and the College is dedicated to making sure that anyone who pursues a career in the skilled trades will have access to have the most up-to-date training and education, so that they have the best possible chance of being successful in their careers.

“We continue to hear about the projected labour shortage in the skilled trades,” added Tsubouchi. “Through modernization of the skilled trades we will address this gap.”

For more information, visit col legeoftrades.ca. For careers in the trades, visit earnwhileyoulearn.ca.

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Posted: Jun 29, 2015

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