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Canada to welcome 300,000 newcomers in 2017

Signage in many languages at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport welcomes newcomers to Canada.

Canada is committed to an immigration system that strengthens the Canadian middle class through economic growth and attracting investment, supports diversity and helps build vibrant, dynamic and inclusive communities.

The story of Canadian immigration is inseparable from the story of Canada itself. Over the summer, Canadians from coast to coast to coast were asked to help write the next chapter of our immigration story. The immigration plan for 2017 developed from wide-ranging consultations with Canadians on what immigration means to them and how we can continue nation building.

In 2017, Canada will welcome 300,000 immigrants, announced Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister, John McCallum. Immigration levels in 2017 will support economic growth and innovation in Canada while helping to reunite more families and reduce processing times.

“The 2017 levels plan will put Canada in a strong position for the future and support our overall economic and social development as a country,” said McCallum. Federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for immigration met to talk about the future of immigration in Canada. They discussed how immigration can support sustainable, long-term economic growth across the country while celebrating diversity and encouraging the inclusion of all newcomers to Canada.

Ministers discussed the need for a more responsive immigration system that attracts and retains global talent to deliver economic benefits to all jurisdictions. All ministers agreed that immigration, including the number of permanent residents Canada accepts each year, plays an important role in helping build a welcoming and strong country. Ministers affirmed a commitment to positive economic and social outcomes for all newcomers. They agreed to work together to explore improvements to the settlement programs, including information and data sharing, to ensure newcomers are supported in their settlement and equipped to participate in the labour market. They discussed the need for processing improvements for economic immigration and a review to determine where there may be duplication of administration between federal and provincial governments. Provincial and territorial ministers expressed a desire for incremental growth in the Provincial Nominee Program allocations.

“Immigration is key to Canada’s economic growth and cultural diversity,” said McCallum. “We continue to work together to ensure that we achieve the significant economic and social benefits associated with successfully integrating newcomers, while at the same time meeting the government’s family reunification priority as well as Canada’s commitments to humanitarian protection.”

Posted: Dec 1, 2016

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