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Northwestern Ontario beckons newcomers

The region of Northwestern Ontario is inviting newcomers, international students and people living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to move north for a better life.

A partnership of 32 cities and towns in Northwestern Ontario has launched a new website: www. MovetoNWOntario.ca, targeted at luring overworked and underpaid Torontonians to find a new home in the region.

Northwestern Ontario, a region the size of France, is currently facing significant labour market shortages in key sectors like healthcare, IT, sales and marketing, manufacturing and skilled trades. The region firmly believes it can offer Torontonians a superior quality of life, affordable housing and world-class career opportunities with unlimited access to nature in every backyard.

Says Rebecca Johnson, City Councillor for Thunder Bay; “Northwestern Ontario has long been one of Canada’s best kept secrets, but our changing economy and entrepreneurial communities require more professional and skilled people to help our region grow. Here, people can find all of the benefits of urban life without the long daily commutes, expensive housing prices and tough lifestyle conditions. Our offer is simple; it’s time to leave it all behind and move to Northwestern Ontario.”

www.MovetoNWOntario.ca has also launched a new regional job search engine to help connect job seekers looking to relocate with hundreds of career opportunities across the region.

Recent newcomer Meegan Gildehaus, who previously lived in Toronto and the US, says, “My partner recently found a job as a dentist and I got hired as a PR officer in Thunder Bay. We immediately purchased our own house that would have cost a million dollars in the big cities we came from. We’re living like royalty – and still saving money.”

Says Cathy Woodbeck, Executive Director at Thunder Bay Multicultural Association: “We are working to attract professionals, skilled workers, and international students to our region from all over the world, as well as from over-populated areas in Ontario. We can help people to connect with job opportunities that match their education and experience, and successfully relocate their families to a better life. We are working with doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs who were previously driving taxis and living in poor housing conditions in other major cities because of overpopulation. They have finally been able to find the lifestyles they deserve in Northwestern Ontario.”

Visit www.MovetoNWOntario.ca for more info. 

Posted: Aug 2, 2017

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