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4 reasons why Northwestern Ontario is great for newcomers

Nestled between Lake Superior and the boreal forest, Thunder Bay is a contemporary, urban and energetic city. 

The city offers modern amenities, investment opportunities, rewarding employment, a low stress lifestyle and a low cost of living.

Here are four reasons why newcomers to Canada should consider Northwestern Ontario:

1. Ease of doing business. The city’s economy has evolved from a reliance on the forestry industry as the main economic driver to a new, connected setting powered by a knowledge-based workforce. This shift is reflected in some of Thunder Bay’s major employers, which include healthcare organizations, the education sector, as well as government organizations on the municipal, provincial and federal levels. 

Other major industry players include Bombardier which manufactures rail cars, subway and street cars; Resolute, producers of the finest Kraft, lumber, and paper products; Canada Malt and the terminal grain elevators, Thunder Bay Port Authority and Thunder Bay Airport. The airport is not only the third busiest in Ontario (by city destination), it is the centre of the growing aviation industry, supporting aviation repair businesses, airline head offices, cargo handling, and nearly 200 aerospace maintenance engineers (AMEs). 

Located northwest of Toronto, Thunder Bay is strategically located in the middle of Canada. There is no better starting point for moving goods. A major north-south corridor and a gateway to the east and west, Thunder Bay really is a central location with access to transportation by rail, air, and sea via the St. Lawrence Seaway.

A booming small business sector contributes to a healthy tax base, and supporting a vast network of partners and suppliers. Thunder Bay is seeing more innovative entrepreneurship, empowered youth, social entrepreneurs, and more women at the helm of local small businesses. Government support is paramount to their success and longevity, as proven by entrepreneurship programs that provide training and mentorship in addition to seed funding. 

Also, as a number of small business owners approach retirement, they have profitable operations waiting for the right owner.  

www.ThunderBay.ca/BusinessOpportunities is a platform on which retiring entrepreneurs can be matched with prospective buyers and investors.

Thunder Bay is the supply base for the mining and mineral exploration industry of Northwestern Ontario, a gold powerhouse, having produced 873,000 ounces of gold in 2015 from just three mines alone. Gold production will remain high for years to come. NWO is also home to palladium mines, lithium deposits and the Ring of Fire, for which Thunder Bay will provide labour, engineering, and service exports.  

2. A great quality of life. Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Thunder Bay’s largest employer, is a world-class acute healthcare facility. The Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute is pioneering quality in healthcare through excellence in patient-centered research and is globally recognized for its work with imaging-based diagnostic technologies. 

The city has an engaging and innovative learning environment with a wide range of options for students of all ages: public, private, elementary, high, college, university, law school, medical school, training programs and continuing education programs are all available. A total of 16,000 students attend Confederation College and Lakehead University.

3. Plenty of job opportunities. A wide variety of jobs are available, from entry level to executive management. Locals enjoy low commute times, low cost of living, incredibly beautiful landscapes and overall a lower stress lifestyle. Imagine how much time you would have with a 10-minute, stress free commute!

Due to its location, Thunder Bay is the hub of Ontario’s Northwest. Career opportunities exist in growth sectors including transportation, natural resources, mining, manufacturing, energy and aerospace. These industries employ administrative personnel, skilled trades and general labourers. The demand for professional services and knowledge workers is also growing in the city, with firms actively seeking accountants, clerks, administrative personnel, IT and healthcare workers.

4. NWO  means excellence. Thunder Bay offers rewarding, well-paying jobs, support for business start-ups and expansions, as well as academic opportunities to pursue. There are great schools for your children to attend, a lively arts and culture scene, and some of the most affordable housing in Canada. Steps from wilderness and recreation, residents and visitors enjoy the great outdoors – sailing, hiking, climbing, boating, and much more.

GoToThunderBay.ca is a tool that brings together comprehensive information conducive to making the transition to Thunder Bay desirable, easy, and very worthwhile. Places of worship, top 10 things to do, quality of life indicators, and the city’s fantastic amenities (including world class healthcare, entertainment, and shopping) can be discovered with www.GoToThunderBay.ca. 

To learn more about relocating to Northwestern Ontario, visit www.MovetoNWOntario.ca.

Posted: Sep 6, 2017

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