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Canada unveils ambitious immigration plan

Canada announced its historic multi-year levels plan on November 1, setting the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.

Stakeholders from across the country applauded the decision which takes into consideration Canada’s need for more immigrants to support economic growth, while balancing fiscal responsibilities. “Canada’s decision to increase immigration will help sustain long-term economic growth in light of its rapidly ageing population and low birth rate,” said Craig Alexander, Senior Vice-President, Conference Board of Canada. “Introducing a multi-year levels plan will improve the ability of governments, employers, immigrant-serving organizations and other important stakeholders to successfully integrate newcomers into Canada’s economy and society.” 

“The province supports the introduction of multi-year levels plans to provide more predictability to the immigration system and inform program planning,” said Laura Albanese, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Ontario. “Significant variation in year-to-year immigration levels can dramatically impact the requirement for provincial year-to-year resources. A longer term outlook would help in planning for appropriate service levels and use of resources. Ontario supports growth in immigration levels, particularly in economic immigration categories to support the growing economy.”  

“The multi-year plan is something that we (provincial counterparts) have pushed for. For decades the federal government has relied on setting targets each year,” said Lena Diab, Minister of Immigration, Nova Scotia. “This plan is very consistent with the goals of my government and my personal goals as the immigration minister. We want to see growth in all immigration. It’s the direction the country needs and more specifically the direction Nova Scotia needs.” 

“We welcome this announcement from the federal government,” said a spokesperson for Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council. “Immigrant professionals bring innovation, international connections and new business perspectives to this country and its labour market. This increase in immigrant talent will drive growth and help foster a more competitive economy, as well as benefiting wider society. Congratulations to Minister Hussen and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for these ambitious new targets. They will help build a more prosperous future for us all.” 

“We, probably in the world, have one of the best immigration programs not only in terms of our selection processes but also in terms of our settlement and integration programs where we work with immigrants,” said Debbie Douglas of Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.

Posted: Nov 30, 2017

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