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Canada to welcome more economic immigrants

Canada’s new multi-year immigration levels plan for 2019 to 2021 focuses on increasing economic immigration.

Building on the strong economic foundation that was laid out in last year’s three-year levels plan, it continues to responsibly grow the number of permanent residents that Canada welcomes annually to 330,800 in 2019, 341,000 in 2020 and 350,000 – nearing one per cent of Canada’s population – in 2021. The majority of the increase in 2021 will be allotted to high-skilled economic immigrants. Immigrants encourage innovation, contribute to Canada’s economic growth and help keep Canada competitive in the global economy.

The new levels plan recognizes the importance of economic immigration for Canada because newcomers help Canadian businesses succeed and grow, especially in the ever-growing information and communications technology sector.

In June this year, Canada will host the largest annual international gathering of experts in the fields of migration, integration and diversity.

Academics, policy makers and organizations from across the globe will come to Ottawa and Gatineau to attend the 2019 International Metropolis Conference.

This is the third time Canada has hosted this conference, the last being in Toronto in 2005.

The Metropolis conference is a unique opportunity for participants to engage with multiple levels of government, academia, the settlement sector, businesses and non-governmental organizations. This engagement expands the global conversation on inclusion, refugee protection and managed migration.

Together, the participants contribute to policy development and build new partnerships through forward-thinking research, knowledge and best practices.

This conference will offer more than 120 workshops and is expected to attract 1,200 or more participants. It will be held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, and – for the first time in the history of the Metropolis conference – will include French sessions hosted in Gatineau, Quebec.


Posted: Jan 5, 2019

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