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Are you eligible for arranged employment?

Arranged employment is where a skilled worker applicant has a certain kind of job offer in place before applying to immigrate to Canada.

The rules for applying as a federal skilled worker can change from time to time, so visit www.cic.gc.ca regularly if you are considering immigrating to Canada as a federal skilled worker.

Before you apply, make sure you refer to the updated selection criteria under who can apply and are familiar with the current application procedures.

Skilled workers are people who are selected as permanent residents based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

Federal skilled worker applications received on or after February 27, 2008, are now assessed for eligibility according to a set of criteria issued by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

1. According to the eligibility criteria, your application is eligible for processing if:

• You have an offer of arranged employment; or

• You are a foreign national who has been living legally in Canada for one year as a temporary foreign worker or an international student; or

• You are a skilled worker who has at least one year of experience in one or more of the listed occupations.

2. If your application is eligible for processing, you must also meet the following minimum requirements to qualify as a skilled worker:

• You have at least one year of continuous full-time paid work experience or the equivalent in part-time continuous employment; and

• Your work experience must be Skill Type 0 (managerial occupations) or Skill Level A (professional occupations) or B (technical occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian National Occupational Classification list; and

• You must have had this experience within the last 10 years.

3. If you meet these minimum requirements, your application will then be processed according to the six selection factors in the skilled worker points grid.

The six selection factors are:
• Your education
• Your abilities in English and/or French, Canada’s two official languages
• Your work experience
• Your age
• Whether you have arranged employment in Canada; and
• Your adaptability.

You must also show that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents after you arrive in Canada.

If you are not sure if you should apply as a skilled worker, you can:

• Use the eligibility tool on Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, www.cic.gc.ca to get an idea of whether your application would be eligible for processing; then

• Try a self-assessment test to see if you might earn enough points to qualify.

If you apply to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, your application will be processed based on regulations that are in effect on the date that you apply, even if they change after you apply.

1. Obtain and print the correct application package. The application package includes the instruction guide and all the forms you need to fill out.

Download and print the Federal Skilled Worker Application Package.

2. Complete your application. Fill out and sign the forms. Most forms can be completed on your computer. Print the forms after you complete them because you cannot save them on your computer.

• If you do not want to complete the forms on your computer, you can complete them by hand. Print clearly, using black ink. You can also use a typewriter.

• Answer all questions carefully, completely and truthfully.

How to apply Incomplete application pack- A R R I V A L L O U N G E ages will not be processed and will be returned to you.

• You must complete all the forms:

• Application for Permanent Residence in Canada
• Schedule 1: Background/Declaration
• Schedule 3: Economic Classes: Federal Skilled Workers
• Additional Family Information
• Use of a Representative: You must complete this form if you want to use a representative to help you apply. Using a representative is a personal choice.

You must go through medical, criminal and background checks.

An applicant with a criminal record may not be allowed to enter Canada.

People who pose a risk to Canada’s security are also not allowed to enter Canada.

Medical, criminal and background checks are explained in the application package.

3. Calculate your fees.

The processing fee for you and your dependents who will accompany you to Canada must be submitted when you apply. Information on how to pay your processing fee is included in the instruction guide.

If you apply as a Federal skilled worker and pay a fee, but are not found eligible according to the above criteria, you will be informed and the processing fee refunded.

Posted: Jun 30, 2010

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