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Skilled immigrants help organizations grow locally and globally

New numbers back up the business case for hiring skilled immigrants. TRIEC engaged EKOS to survey employers about their hiring practices of newcomers. According to the results, one in five employers has hired a skilled immigrant to help them expand globally and locally, and feels that employees with international education and experience are effective in helping them meet their business goals.
Among the key research findings:

Almost one in five have hired a skilled immigrant:

• To help diversify their company’s client base globally; and of these, 93 per cent feel the skilled immigrants hired have been effective on helping on this front.

• To target local cultural communities to find new business opportunities; and of these, 83 per cent feel the skilled immigrants hired have been effective in helping on this front.

• One in ten have hired a skilled immigrant because they discovered that competitors were benefiting from hiring skilled immigrants.

• Of those employers, 81per cent feel the skilled immigrants hired have been effective.

“This research confirms that hiring immigrants to expand into local and global markets can be an effective business strategy for employers,” says Elizabeth McIsaac, TRIEC’s Executive Director. “We know there is a strong business case for employing skilled immigrants and these findings prove it.”

EKOS surveyed 461 employers in the Greater Toronto Area. There was a fairly even split between large and small businesses. Close to 40 per cent of businesses polled had over 100 staff, with 30 per cent having between one and four; close to 30 per cent employed between five and 100 staff. All respondents were either employed full-time or self-employed (and employed at least another employee), and had either primary or shared responsibility for hiring.

Of the employers polled, close to 60 per cent were private; close to 30 per cent were public; and just over 10 per cent were non-government organizations. The employers represented a broad range of sectors. The biggest portion of employers, at 15 per cent, was from the professional, scientific and technical services sector. Another 12 per cent were from the finance and insurance, real estate and renting and leasing sectors.

Posted: Jul 1, 2011

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