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Ontario moves to create new jobs

Ontario is partnering with companies for projects that will help create 550 new jobs and protect 1,056 existing jobs.

The province is supporting company investments which will create new jobs for families, help spur growth and strengthen local economies. These new jobs build upon the 97,700 net new jobs that have already been created in Ontario so far this year alone.

In the face of global economic uncertainty, Ontario continues to provide strong and stable business conditions which are helping companies create jobs with new investments across the province.
Partnering with local businesses and supporting business is part of the government’s plan in moving forward to create and support new and existing jobs across the province.

“The foundation of Ontario’s economy is our skilled workers and innovative companies,” said Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development and Innovation.

“Our government will continue its proactive approach to partner with business and industry. We will invest strategically to help companies grow, create jobs and help Ontario progress in this period of economic uncertainty.”

• In 2010, Ontario was named a top destination for foreign direct investment in North America, second only to California.

• In June of this year, Ontario created more jobs than the rest of Canada and the United States combined.

Posted: Dec 1, 2011

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