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Canadian schools love international students. So does Canadian immigration.

Canada’s Minister of International Trade highlighted the growing educational ties between India and Canada on a visit to India.

The strongest assets a new Canadian can have are Canadian work experience and Canadian education. 

International students in Canada can get both. And once an international student has enough Canadian education and Canadian work experience, he or she can apply for permanent residence in Canada. 

Canada issues student permits where visa officials can see that the student has been admitted to a Canadian school, is serious and can be trusted to follow the rules, and has enough financial resources to afford tuition, school supplies, health insurance and living expenses. 

Because most schools teach in English or French, students will have to show sufficient skill in one of those languages. In some cases, foreign students come to Canada to learn those language skills before they enroll in full-time school. 

International students are highly regarded by Canadian immigration officials, as they should be. International students have the ambition and dedication to come to Canada to attend school. They will obtain Canadian education and work experience. This makes them highly desirable workers and highly desirable migrants. They have shown their ambition, their dedication and their work ethic, and they are still young and adaptable enough to learn more on the job. 

I mentioned the need for financial resources for tuition etc. Many of you may be interested to know that international students can get work permits for part time work during the school year and full time work during break periods such as the school’s Christmas and summer holidays. And where the student is married or in a common-law relationship the student’s spouse or partner can normally get an open work permit for full time employment. 

“Open work permit” means that once the spouse or partner finds an employer, he or she can start work. Employers and spouses both like the convenience of that arrangement. 
 – Gregory James

• Gregory James is an immigration lawyer with over 25 years of experience. He can be reached at 416-538-1301, 416-304-9639, or at gjames@GregoryJames Law.com. 

Posted: Sep 5, 2013

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