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Career bridge program for internationally-trained nurses helps fulfil licensing requirements

CPAC Gateway for internationally educated Nurses is an Ontario Bridge Training Program funded by the federal government and the government of Ontario. 

This program aims to help internationally-educated nurses (IENs) obtain the Registered Nurse/Registered Practical Nurse (RN/RPN) licenses with a clearly illustrated road map, gain relevant work experience, find employment and become successful in a nursing career. 

Depending on individual needs, participants will receive in-depth information on the registration process, workplace culture and communication training, mentoring support, as well as employment services.

For whom To be eligible for this program, the applicant must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, have relevant nursing education in the country of origin, language skills of CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7 or higher, and be committed to obtaining RN/RPN license and working in the nursing profession in Ontario in the near future.

In order to service participants at different stages of registration process effectively, the program will be delivered in three modules, namely CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) assessment module, CNO registration module and employment module. The CNO assessment module is for those who have not been assessed by CNO, the CNO registration module is for those who have received assessment from CNO and are currently working toward registration, and the employment module is for those who seek employment or job shadowing/internship placement opportunities. 

Program participants may join the suitable module of the program depending on their individual needs. Several key components of the program are “Introduction to Nursing Practice in Ontario”, “Workplace Culture and Communication Training” courses, one–on-one mentoring support and employment services. 

These components address different needs in the nursing career and work in support to each other, offering a comprehensive package to the participants. Partners of the program include Care Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses, Registered Nurses Association Ontario (RNAO)/Registered Practical Nurses Association Ontario (RPNAO), Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care Centre, Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association and Skills for Change.

Currently, there are close to two hundred participants including many overseas trained nurses from South Asia enrolled in the program. 

The program is free of charge to help nurses from any overseas countries to obtain nursing license and employment in Ontario.

The next classroom training courses will be starting in October. 

For more info, visit www.chineseprofessionals.ca or call 416-298-7885, ext. 107. 

Posted: Sep 5, 2013

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