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Canada’s 2014 Parental Sponsorship Program is already closed for the year

Canada announced that the parental sponsorship category, which started receiving applications on January 2, 2014, is now closed until next year.

The cap or quota of 5,000 applications was reached in approximately five weeks. 

Predicting the future is always uncertain, but it seems reasonable to assume that the program will reopen on the first day of 2015 with a new cap. 

Those candidates whose applications were not among the first 5,000 received this year should be able to apply then. 

However, experience with another program that was capped suggests that next year the cap will be met even more quickly.

In the old Federal Investor Program the situation evolved until the cap was reached on the first day that the program re-opened each year. 

Many candidates were turned away as too late even though their applications were filed on the first day.

The government is pointing out that the 5,000 applications to be processed include approximately 9,000 people when dependents are taken into account.

They also continue to process old parent and grandparent applications filed before the cap was imposed (the backlog) and are processing so-called “super visas” for parents and grandparents (visitor visas valid up to two years). 

Citizenship and Immigration Canada says it has cut the backlog of old parental sponsorship cases in half. 

However, each year of delay disqualifies more children of candidates, as those children grow older and may not qualify as dependents any more.
We encourage people to prepare their parental sponsorship applications even earlier next year (no later than December) so that they have a better chance of fitting under the cap. 
          – Gregory James

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Posted: Mar 5, 2014

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