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A new vision for immigration to support newcomers

   Federal, provincial and territorial governments are committed to welcoming and supporting newcomers. 

This vision aims to ensure that:
• Canada is a destination of choice. 
• Immigration contributes to increased economic growth, innovation, entrepreneurship, and competitiveness. 
• The benefits of immigration are shared across Canada. 
• Communities welcome and support newcomers. 
• Immigrants participate to their full potential, economically and socially. 
• The immigration system is trusted and valued. 
• Social and humanitarian commitments are strengthened.

To achieve this joint vision FPT partners are committed to working together over the next three years in three priority areas: immigration levels planning, economic immigration, and settlement and integration of newcomers.  

Expected results include:
• Ongoing multilateral discussions on levels planning. 
• A solid evidence base of labour market information identifying skills needs. 
• A flexible model of distributing immigration among provinces and territories that responds to labour market and regional needs. 
• Selection of immigrants to respond to labour needs, based on labour market information, regional needs and employer demand.
• Economic immigration programs with strong design, management and integrity mechanisms.
• Fast, transparent and easy processes for prospective immigrants and employers.
• Coordinated, seamless settlement service delivery focused on reducing barriers to social and economic integration, including barriers to labour market participation.
• Continuous assessment of newcomer settlement outcomes based on common measurement mechanisms across jurisdictions.

Key actions:
• Develop and implement an Expression of Interest application management system.
• Continue immigration levels planning, including development of evidence base and distribution model for overall economic immigration.
• Strengthen the design, management, accountability and integrity of economic immigration programs.
• Develop and implement a pan-Canadian framework for settlement outcomes that establishes common settlement outcomes and measurement mechanisms.
• Develop principles and guidelines for FPT partnership models for settlement.
• Implementation of the Vision Action Plan will improve Canada’s immigration program to the benefit of all regions

Posted: Apr 30, 2014

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