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New program helps skilled newcomers make vital connections

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) announced the pilot of Connector in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

This innovative program puts professionals (Participants) who have immigrated to Canada in touch with well-connected leaders (Connectors) who want to expand their networks with new talent. The pilot is funded by the Metcalf Foundation.

Originally founded in Halifax in 2009, Connector is an award-winning networking initiative taking place in communities across Canada, offering skilled immigrants the chance to expand their professional network. Once that first connection has been made, the Connector goes on to introduce the Participant to three of their contacts. The Participant meets these contacts, who each then introduce him or her to three more.

“Many skilled immigrants in the GTA are still not getting work commensurate with their education and experience,” said Margaret Eaton, Executive Director, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council. “Through Connector, we want to support more internationally- educated professionals to make those contacts that are essential to progressing in their careers. Expanding their networks should better situate them in the job market. We’re very excited to be piloting this program in the GTA.”

While Connector offers many advantages to immigrants, the volunteer Connectors also benefit from signing up to the program. Being a Connector gives those industry leaders the chance to diversify their own professional networks, as they gain access to top-tier talent they may not find through traditional recruiting channels. Taking part also gives them the chance to pay it forward, supporting others just as they were once supported on the path to success.

“I am eager to be a Connector because I want to hire the best talent with the best international experience,” said Peter Hawkins, Managing Director, Mellohawk Logistics.
“This program gives me the opportunity to connect with high-potential immigrant professionals, bringing value to my company and expanding both my client and supplier networks. Supporting skilled immigrants supports my bottom line.”

Connector will make 50 Participant-Connector introductions and will facilitate 350 connections in its pilot stage.

Leaders in the GTA interested in participating or promoting this opportunity are encouraged to visit www.triec.ca/connector to reach out.

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) creates and champions solutions to better integrate skilled immigrants in the Greater Toronto Region labour market

More info at www.triec.ca. More information on TRIEC and Connector at TRIEC.ca/connector or @TRIEC.

Posted: Mar 30, 2015

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