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FRESH OFF THE PLANE: Happy Canada Day, eh!

It was our first Canada Day and we embraced the celebration, we got fully into the spirit of things. We draped a Canadian flag over the railing on our porch, we hung baskets with red and white flowers – Canada’s colours!
And I greeted everyone I met with a chirpy, “Happy Canada Day!”

I know that we don’t really do so back in India – wish everyone Happy Independence Day – but then no one does the whole flag-draping and decor in India’s colours, either. So, seeing all the signs around us, I assumed it was like wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving! Or Merry Christmas!

Some looked a little surprised, but all smiled and wished me back.

Our friends came over for that other great Canadian July 1 tradition – a back yard BBQ and when I popped over the fence to wish our neighbour, my friend couldn’t contain her giggles.

“Nothing sets a new immigrant apart as the enthusiasm for all things Canadian!” she said.

Now we are not new any longer, but we continue to wish everyone Happy Canada Day!

I believe it’s something to celebrate.

– Shamoli Gupta

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Posted: Jun 29, 2015

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