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Newcomer learns new skills

When we were very new in Canada, my husband got his academic credentials assessed before beginning his job hunt, but I put aside mine for later. Money was tight and in any case, I needed to be home with our kids as we couldn’t afford day-care if I took up a minimum-wage job.

I had every intention of getting it done within a few months of my husband finding a job. But that turned into a couple of years. By then, with the kids in full day school, I had applied for and been selected as a telemarketer.

With good language skills, I thought I’d be okay. But I wasn’t too sure if I could sell, never having attempted to do so earlier. But I thought it was worth a try and discovered I had a talent for sales.

This month, we celebrate 15 years in Canada and I have changed several jobs since I began working, all of them in sales. I have been successful in all. And my MSc certificates? Those are still lying in a leather folder, waiting to be assessed.

Canada lets you discover strengths you never knew you had.

– Poornima Shastri

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Posted: Aug 2, 2017

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