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Why Canada is the destination of choice for international students

Canadian universities and colleges rank high on the wish list of students in the subcontinent. Substantially less expensive than their US counterparts, and seen as way more inclusive than Australian ones, they offer world-class education.

“Visit us in the first week of September and you might think you were at a university in New Delhi!” Professor Vivek Goel had said a few years ago. Fifty languages, including Hindi and Sanskrit, are taught at the university, said the then Vice-President of the University of Toronto. Dr Hargurdeep Saini, pictured, the current Vice-President of the University of Toronto, is also the principal of the University’s Mississauga campus.

With well over 12,000 students, the university is working to expand facilities for increased numbers – an expected 20,000 by 2030.

“More than 80 languages are spoken on the UTM campus and 126 countries are represented in the student fraternity. It’s an amazing, vibrant environment,” says Dr Saini.

Dr Ashwin Joshi, Director of the MBA program at Schulich School of Business at York University, says he finds that with each passing year, students from India take less and less time to adjust.

“They know all the brands. They can walk into a Starbucks the day after they land, perfectly at ease with all the choices!”

Very different from when he came to Canada as a little boy with his family in 1984.

“It was very different from being in Bangalore! There was a distance. Everything was unfamiliar. It truly is an amazing transformation we are witnessing on the campus.”

Major faculties across the country are reflective of this change, he says.

“Be it Business, Engineering, Science or Math, the South Asian contingent is substantial.”

Posted: Oct 2, 2012

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