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Do you have it in you to fight for human rights?

 Have you ever thought about becoming a human rights activist? Thousands of people across Canada are choosing to spend some of their time helping to make a real difference for a better world. There are many ways for you to take action. It really all depends on you – your interests and how much time you have. 

Many people who are new to human rights start their involvement by contacting Amnesty International, joining Amnesty’s Urgent Action Network and writing letters to protect people whose lives or safety are at immediate risk. Across the country, there are approximately 100 local and regional Amnesty Groups and Action Circles. 

Amnesty International also has a large network of over 400 youth and student groups in schools and universities across Canada. If you’re a student, there may already be a group in your school that you can join; if there isn’t, Amnesty’s national office can give you all the help you need to get a group started.

• For more information, contact members@amnesty.ca, phone 1-800-266-3789, or write to Member Services, 312 Laurier Ave East, Suite 200, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 1H9. 
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Posted: Oct 2, 2013

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