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Careers in skilled trades are increasingly popular

A recent Ipsos Reid poll indicates Ontarians are overwhelmingly in favour of the promotion of skilled trades as a viable career choice.

The poll shows that 96 per cent of Ontario residents are supportive of the Ontario College of Trades’ mandate to promote the skilled trades to young people and underrepresented groups. The College is the regulatory body for the province’s skilled trades industry.

“Our belief is that a career in the skilled trades should be a first-choice for more youth, for aboriginals, new Canadians, and for those who are interested in a second career,” says the College’s CEO, David Tsubouchi. “And this poll shows that Ontarians are with us.”

Some experts suggest that there is a looming skilled trades shortage in Canada that could lead to major economic consequences.

“Our economy is built on the skilled trades, and if we want to remain competitive, we must develop a highly-trained, highly-skilled workforce,” Tsubouchi points out.

Anyone interested in a skilled trades career is encouraged to visit www.earnwhileyoulearn.ca, the College’s youth-targeted website.

This forum provides young people with relevant information on how to begin an apprenticeship in Ontario and the benefits of a career in the skilled trades.

– News Canada

Posted: Sep 1, 2015

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