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Want to make a career change? Find a career that you are passionate about

Finding a career that you are passionate about does not always happen in high school.

Many discover their true passion after years of work in a field and strive to achieve their career goals in a new industry.

This is something many newcomers are familiar with, having had to explore new career options in a new country.

In high school, Danielle Waignein held herself back, believing she didn’t have the smarts to follow her vision.

After graduating, she worked as a hairstylist for a decade and picked up some courses here and there at her local community college, but always had a passion for medicine and science.

After a crosscountry move, raising a family, and other life obligations, she found herself working in a job that didn’t feel like a career, and dreaming of “something more cerebral”.

One morning, she woke up, decided to make some changes, and never looked back. It started with a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle and was soon followed by a commitment to upgrade her marks over the next year, with the goal of getting into her desired college program.

“I knew I wanted something more and decided to upgrade my high school marks, which weren’t the best,” says Waignein. “I’ve always liked science and knew now was the time to go for it.”

After a year of upgrading her high school marks with both traditional high school classes and distance education courses with TVO’s Independent Learning Centre (ILC), she was ready to start school. Having the option to fit online courses with the ILC into her busy schedule is what she credits for her success. A resident of London, Ontario, Waignein enrolled in Fanshawe College and studied general arts and science with the goal of becoming a medical radiation technologist.

“It’s a long road ahead and the field is really competitive, but it’s what I want to do,” says Waignein.

When asked whether she thinks her story is inspirational, she used to shrug it off, but looking back, now sees how remarkable the journey has been and is happy if she can inspire others.

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Posted: Jan 31, 2017

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