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Specialist high skill major program

Ontario is helping more high school students find their career passion and prepare for future jobs by expanding its specialist high skills major program.

Ontario Premier Dalton Mc-Guinty announced the expansion of the program to 4,000 more students at 670 high schools across the province.

Next year, 38,000 students will be able to participate in the program, which tailors their high school diploma to their interests.

Programs like this are part of Ontario's plan to help more students graduate, get a job, start an apprenticeship or move on to higher education.

Building the best-educated workforce in the world helps attract the investments that create jobs and strengthen the economy.

Programs like the specialist high skills major have helped the graduation rate increase to 82 per cent, up from 68 per cent in 2003-04.

Since the January launch of the 30 per cent off Ontario tuition grant, 200,000 post-secondary students have received money back to help offset their tuition costs.

Across Ontario, there are specialist high skills majors offered in 19 different sectors -- including a new food processing major. 

Posted: Sep 4, 2012

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