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Planning on studying in Canada? A checklist for parents and students

• Realistically assess preparedness for study abroad. Some will need more maturity or discipline.
• Review your budget. Focus on sensible financial choices.
• Carefully consider whether to use a third party (or agent) and if you wish to, choose wisely.
• Choose the right country, assessing different costs, and whether there are off-campus work privileges during and after the degree or getting permanent status.
• Choose the right institution according to program details, location of city, size of campus, class sizes, on- and off-campus housing, scholarships.
• Choose a program that meets all priorities: Does it have work options (co-op)? Do PhD faculty teach most courses? Are there courses that are that are special?
• Learn the admission requirements of the options that attract you, but don’t assume meeting the minimum leads to admission.
• Prepare each application with care. Follow all instructions.
• If an offer of admission comes with a condition, make sure this condition is satisfied.
• Make sure all visa procedures are followed faithfully.

• Apply to schools unless you are seriously interested and can afford the costs.
• Make any misrepresentations.
• Wait too late to submit an application.
• Forget to ask about scholarships or paid work entitlements that are part of the program.
• Overlook how long the visa process takes or you might be wasting your time.

• To find out more about studying in Canada, visit Canadian University Application Centre’s website at www.canada123.org

Posted: Oct 2, 2012

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