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Opportunities for women in Canada

In Canada, the month of October has been designated as Women’s History Month.

Women are so obviously fundamental to every part of human life that it seems odd that we have to honour women with a designated month.

But we do. Women’s contribution to societies all over the planet is very often unrecognized in any meaningful manner. They are also often unrewarded or under-rewarded.

This is changing, more quickly in Canada than in most other places.

In 2011, businesses owned by Canadian women contributed more than $148 million to the Canadian economy and employed over 1.5 million Canadians.

Those statistics do not include the millions of women who may not be self-employed but are making major contributions to Canadian businesses in senior decision-making positions, and in the professions, including at the most senior positions in governments, and in many other roles.

These days, in most cases, the primary immigration applicant is male (the husband or father).

That reflects economic and social realities in their countries of origin.

But once in Canada, women and girls, wives and daughters, have an opportunity to make a very significant contribution to Canadian society, and to their families.

Eleven women have served as heads of government, either as prime minister of Canada, premier of a Canadian province, or leader of a Canadian territory (managing one of Canada’s three northern territories).

The number of women serving in other important political positions continues to grow.

As Canada goes to polls this month, twelve of 26 federal deputy ministers (the highest ranking civil servants in Canada) are women.

The Chief Justice of Canada’s Supreme Court is a woman.

It is now easier for women to obtain skilled work than ever before.

So, mothers and fathers, there are opportunities in Canada that are waiting for your daughter.

Women and girls, Canada wants you.

– Gregory James

Gregory James can be reached at cc@GregoryJamesLaw.com or 416-538-1301.

Posted: Sep 30, 2015

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