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Canadian university in India prepping students for success in Canada

It could have been a long road to Vancouver for Shefali Joshi, but thanks to one Canadian university, this Chandigarh native has graduated and earned placement in financial services at one of Canada’s largest banks.

Joshi, 21, was among the first batch of students who joined the University of the Fraser Valley’s (UFV) Canadian BBA degree programme, delivered at S.D. College Chandigarh since 2006. Touted as highly practical and industry-oriented, the degree focuses on professional skills like presentation ability, leadership and teamwork.

“What UFV is doing in Chandigarh is amazing,” says Joshi, who remembers herself as a shy, studious girl at Doon International, Bhavan Vidyalaya.

“After just a year in the program I was so much more con-fident. I can handle myself in any situation, I am very independent now and I know I could go anywhere and set myself up with no problem. Five years ago, I would have been much too scared to even dream of coming here all alone, but UFV prepared me very well.”

Joshi opted to shift to UFV in Canada after the second year of her degree studies at the SD College satellite campus. When it came time to land a job, she didn’t let anything hold her back from her goal.

“I saw mistakes that others made by just applying online. Instead, I visited every bank in the area, met the managers, asked questions, took their advice and followed up on leads,” she explains.

Knowing her career prospects would be better in the heart of Vancouver, Joshi shifted from the suburbs of Abbotsford and applied for a job she knew she wasn’t qualified for. “It was a position for an experienced manager at CIBC, but I just wanted to get an interview so I could meet someone influential and find out how to get in the door. I didn’t get that senior position, but within 15 minutes I was offered the job I have now. It was a great strategy that left a good impression.”

Pair that with zipping through a series of 25 training exams in just five hours over two days. “We had already learned most of the material in second year of the UFV program,” she says.

“I have never seen my father cry, but when I returned to India for a quick visit, he met me at the airport and I could almost see tears in his eyes. He was that proud of me. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I am so thankful that UFV is giving Indian students like me the chance to fulfil our dreams, whether in Canada, India, or elsewhere.”

– CRYSTAL SAWYER, Manager, Communication & Marketing, UFV India.

• UFV India, SD College Campus is located at GGDSD College, Sector 32-C, Chandigarh 160030, India. Crystal Sawyer can be reached at +91 (0)98724-84206, +91 (0)172-500-1048 or crystal.sawyer@ufv.ca.
• For more info, visit www.ufv.ca/cics.

Posted: Jan 6, 2011

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