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Interactive workshops for newcomers

India Rainbow Community Services of Peel is a registered, charitable, non-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen the community by improving the quality of life of its diverse population.
It was founded in 1985 to respond to the needs of South Asian seniors and newcomers. Starting in just a single room, India Rainbow now offers services in five locations in Mississauga and Brampton to immigrants from all parts of the world.

“Newcomers to Canada face countless challenges when they arrive,” says Kitty Chadda, Executive Director, India Rainbow.

“India Rainbow offers many services that help them overcome these challenges.”

Chadda has seen a steady in-flux of new immigrants and the constant demand for new services.

“The settlement program traditionally meant providing services to the head of the family who is seen as the bread winner. But now we are providing services to the entire family, as the needs of women and children who arrive in Canada are very different from the support a youth who is entering the school system, for instance, may need. We have to be sensitive to the changing family dynamics and offer support services that are appropriate, timely and relevant,” she adds.

Settlement services offered by India Rainbow include orientation, referrals, translation, interpretation, networking, settlement and counselling workshops.

Adult immigrants can access free English language classes which include basic computer training to develop communication skills.
In addition to language training, clients learn life skills essential for survival in Canada. These skills include information about banking, health, housing, education and many other aspects to empower newcomers with knowledge of Canadian laws and responsibilities in order to make the transition easier. Free child-minding services are provided.

Finding employment in a new country can be intimidating. India Rainbow simplifies this process by providing extensive job search training, teaching best practices and techniques that are effective in securing a position in the Canadian labour market.
India Rainbow also offers an Adult Day Program for frail, elderly South Asian seniors diagnosed with long-term illnesses and disabilities.

A full-day program with catered South Asian meals is provided in a safe and caring envi-ronment by trained staff. This program is offered five days a week. A seniors wellness program, a weekly structured program for healthy seniors, is also offered. This program caters to Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Gujarati-speaking seniors.
Other services include Child, Youth and Parenting program, which provides culturally and linguistically-specific support, and counselling to South Asian youth and families.

Program for women is a core service that covers crisis intervention/counselling, safety planning, assistance with legal issues, advocacy and support group for mothers and children living in violence or fear of violence, and referrals to community resources. These services are confidential.

Connect with India Rainbow

The Head Office of India Rainbow Community Services of Peel is at 3038 Hurontario Street, suite 206, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3B9. Phone: 905-275-2369. Email: ircs@indiarain-bow.org. Website: www.indiarain-bow.org.

Other locations

• 415 Matheson Blvd. East, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2H2. Phone: 905-507-6099. Fax: 905-507-1787
• 9446 McLaughlin Road North, unit 1, Brampton, ON L6X 4H9. Phone: 905-454-2598 Fax: 905-454-2762.
• 21 Regan Road, unit H & I, Brampton, ON L7A 1C5 Phone: 905-459-4776 . Fax: 905-459-4347.
• 245 Queen Street East, unit 2, Brampton, ON L6W 2B5 Phone: 905-595-1669 Fax: 905-595-1670.

Posted: May 2, 2012

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