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How to dress for success: Seminars and workshops on topics of interest to newcomers.

A unique workshop, Dressing for Success, conducted by image consultant Saima Haider and personal beauty advisor Nazli Rehman at India Rainbow, was attended largely by newcomers and immigrants who face many challenges when looking for work – one of them being finding the right balance between coordinating their attire and make-up.

The workshop educated them about personal grooming, style, dressing depending on the wea-ther, and their own body shape. It also showed them how to dress for interviews based on job requirements and how important it is to coordinate one’s attire with accessories.
Participants had the opportunity to try different make-up colours to determine which suited them best.

One of the participants had this to say about the workshop:
“I learnt so much from this workshop. I never knew colours are categorized according to the four seasons! I finally figured out what colours suit my skin tone with this hands-on work-shop. This was an excellent workshop and I definitely recommend this to others.”

Saima Haider explained that it’s all about ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ colours. Once you figure out which category you fits you, dressing for success becomes a piece of cake.

Nazli Rehman did a mini makeover session with the participants and educated them about the different skin types, tips on make-up application and answered many questions from the participants. Each participant also received a free gift, courtesy of the presenters.
India Rainbow is planning to organize other such workshops in the near future to help clients be ready and prepared for their next big interview by boosting their self-image confidence.

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Posted: May 2, 2012

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