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Newcomers flock to Brampton

The ninth largest city in Canada, Brampton celebrates its diverse population that represents people from more than 175 distinct ethnic backgrounds who speak more than 70 different languages, including Punjabi, Urdu, Polish, Spanish, Tamil, Arabic and Tagalog. 

Offering more than 6,000 acres of parkland, Brampton takes pride in being known as the Flower City of Canada. It has been designated since 2007 as an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization.

Brampton has a successful, well-diversified economy and is home to more than 8,000 businesses. 

The City continues to retain a triple A credit rating by Standard & Poor’s, reflecting its successful economy. 

The City of Brampton recently launched its new Economic Development brand.  

“As Brampton continues to grow, our priorities and strategy evolve in keeping with the changing business environment and community,” said Mayor Susan Fennell. “The new marketing strategy rebrands and repositions Brampton’s Economic Development brand as a forward thinking, creative, dynamic catalyst for business success. The new brand identity will drive our business development tactics in the coming years.”

The 2012 economic indicators reveal a growing and vibrant marketplace in Brampton and that businesses continue to show significant confidence in the city’s economy. Brampton finished 2012 strong and ranked well in the key construction categories. 

Overall, Brampton placed fifth in the country for total construction value in 2012. 

Within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Brampton was second in total construction, commercial construction, residential construction, and number of residential units under construction after Toronto.

“It’s all about business attraction and retention and building pride in our city. Our new identity will focus on leveraging the right assets effectively,” said Regional Councillor Gael Miles, Chair of Economic Development. 

“It recognizes the strength of our human potential, the culture of entrepreneurship that exists here and focuses on fostering an environment of creativity, ingenuity and vision that Brampton has to offer.”

The new strategy is a result of a comprehensive assessment and priority-setting initiative by the Brampton Business Attraction and Retention Advisory Committee (BARAC). 

The strategy is focused on leveraging positive attitudes and perceptions of Brampton as a place to establish a business and as a place to live.  

Watch the brand identity video at Brampton.ca/b-more.

Posted: May 1, 2013

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