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Be prepared for a power outage

Toronto Hydro is encouraging Torontonians to create or check their emergency kit and ensure that there are enough supplies for up to 72 hours without assistance.

Not sure what you should have in an emergency kit? Download Toronto Hydro’s emergency preparedness guide at torontohydro.com/emergencykit.

This guide is available in six different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Somali, Tamil and Urdu.

When building your emergency kit, remember:
Keep your emergency kit in an easy-to-access location known to all family members.
Check batteries twice a year.
Ensure that you have at least one cell phone or non-cordless telephone.
Have a list of emergency contact numbers nearby.
Don’t forget your pets! Have identification on your animals and enough pet food and water in your emergency kit for at least three days.

We also recommend that you customize your kit to your family – aging parents, young children and pets may require more preparation.

In the event of a major outage, Toronto Hydro has a website – OutageTO.com – that can be accessed from any device to get the latest news and updates, and sign up for outage notifications.

“Power outages can happen at any time, particularly during severe weather. A little preparation can help you stay safe,” said Tori Gass at Toronto Hydro.

Posted: Aug 1, 2015

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