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Canada Job Grant funding makes training possible

More than 29,000 training opportunities were made possible for 22,000 new or current employees in Ontario with funding provided through the Canada Job Grant announced recently.

To-date, over 2,700 employers have been approved for funding to train new or current employees in Ontario.

The announcement took place at Northern Digital Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario.

Northern Digital Inc has received over $94,700 through the Canada Job Grant to help train 11 employees in Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning and leadership skills.

The company is investing an additional $55,800 in the training for a total of approximately $150,500. Northern Digital is a manufacturer of advanced 3D measurement technology systems with over 45,000 installations worldwide. From image-guided surgery, aeronautics and quality assurance to biomechanics research, Northern Digital solutions are used whenever best-in-class measurement accuracy and reliability are required.

The Canada Job Grant is an innovative, employer-driven approach to help Canadians gain the skills and training they need to fill available jobs.

By requiring employers to invest in training costs, the Canada Job Grant will result in skills training that leads to guaranteed jobs.

Under the Canada Job Grant in Ontario, the government provides two-thirds of total eligible training costs, up to $10,000, for expenses such as tuition, text books and student fees.

Employers are required to contribute the remaining one-third of these training costs.

Small businesses have additional flexibility to make an in-kind contribution towards their share of the cost through wages paid to the training participant.

On average, private-sector forecasters expect employment in Ontario to grow by 1.2 per cent per year by 2017.

Over the past three years, employment has increased by an annual average of 1.1 per cent in Ontario.

By 2017-18, over $115 million per year will be available for the Canada Job Grant in Ontario.

Ontario is currently accepting employer applications for the Canada Job Grant.

Employers are encouraged to apply at www.ontario.ca/employeetraining.

“The Canada Job Grant is taking skills training choices out of the hands of government and putting them where they belong: in the hands of employers and Canadians who want to work,” said Minister Pierre Poilievre.

“By having employers directly involved in training decisions, the Canada Job Grant will lead to guaranteed jobs and will help businesses grow and succeed. And that is good news for the Canadian economy.”

“A skilled workforce is fundamental to a strong economy,” said MP Peter Braid. “By helping employers invest in their workers, we are providing new and better job opportunities for people in Ontario. The training being provided by Northern Digital is a great example of how the Canada Job Grant is helping local workers get the skills and training they need to fill those jobs.”

“Our skilled workforce has been and must continue to be Ontario’s single greatest competitive advantage,” said Ontario Minister Reza Moridi. “Employers have told us that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to skills training programs, and that is why our government continues to work so hard with job creators in southwestern Ontario and across the province to develop flexible and effective skills training solutions. It’s great to see employers like Northern Digital Inc. taking advantage of the Canada-Ontario Job Grant to invest in relevant training and development for their workers.”

Posted: Sep 30, 2015

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