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Initiative tackles skilled newcomers’ job challenges head on

Skilled newcomers face some key challenges on moving to Canada. Alternative Career Pathways, an initiative of the National Association of Career Colleges, offers help to internationally-trained individuals looking to find employment in Canada.

A report produced by the Environics Research Group examined several clusters of internationally trained individuals across the country to reveal the main obstacles they face when looking for work.

Atop the list are language barriers, requirements for Canadian experience by prospective employers, and lack of exposure to professional networks in various sectors.

“We have known about the challenges echoed in this report for some time, which is exactly why we launched the Alternative Career Pathways Initiative,” said Serge Buy, NACC’s CEO.

“The government of Canada has welcomed our initiative, and continues to support its expansion on a national scale. It is one way for us to collectively address the employment difficulties discussed in the report.”

The Alternative Career Pathways Initiative provides skilled newcomers with information on transferring existing skills and work experiences into alternative careers in and around specific professional fields.

Through the initiative’s activities, qualified newcomers can access paid internships, attend specialized workshops, and join professional networking groups to facilitate their entry into the Canadian job market.

“Our initiative is designed with qualified newcomers in mind,” said Buy.

“We know our work has an impact on those we connect with, and feel an immense sense of joy when we receive feedback and gratitude from them.”

Established in 1896, the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) is the oldest post-secondary association in Canada, representing almost 500 career colleges across the country. All NACC members meet the highest regulatory standards, ensuring the best possible education for their students.

For more info, visit www.nacc.ca or call 1-866-981-6863 or 613-800-0340.

Posted: Nov 1, 2015

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