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5 top tips to making a lasting impression in an interview

Landing an interview for the job of your dreams can bring a range of mixed emotions from excitement and anticipation to nervousness and fear.

There are a lot of elements to juggle as you want to come across confident but not cocky, interested but not desperate and friendly but not too casual.

Here are a few simple tips to impress your interviewer and show that you are the absolute best candidate for the job.

Arrive early. Punctuality and organization can be two of the top traits that many hiring managers are looking for. Get to your interview with plenty of time to spare to show your potential employer that you are punctual and reliable. Remember the classic saying: “If you’re early, you’re on time, if you’re on time, you’re late.”

Dress to impress. Your personal first impression verdict is decided by your interviewer in just 10 seconds of meeting you. So make it count by showcasing how neat, precise and professional you are with your outfit. This can be the key to showing employers that you are an impeccable fit for the job. Get a clean, crisp, dry-cleaned look straight from the dryer with a dress shirt and perfectly-pressed dress pants.

Bring extra copies of your resumé and cover letter. In the digital world, sometimes we forget that people like to have a hard copy of documents to review. Many interviewers may not have your resumé on hand, so printing off an extra copy for them shows that you are thoughtful, prepared and organized.

Do your research. Sell yourself by showcasing your in-depth knowledge of the company’s culture, the position and how it aligns with you personally. The more you know, the better you will be able to answer questions in the most natural and confident way. If you know who they are beforehand, look up your interviewer on LinkedIn to get a sense of their background and to develop a rapport with them.

Ask the right questions. Being able to ask specific, meaningful questions about what the specific job entails, the goals and values of the company, and how you will be evaluated shows that you have a genuine interest in working for them and can set you apart from other candidates that only have surface level knowledge.

Good luck!

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Posted: Nov 1, 2015

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