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Combating your first Canadian winter blues

As cold weather sets in, we start to layer on clothes and make the necessary arrangements to adapt to the change in season.

Installing winter tires, raising the thermostat, and pulling out warm sweaters are ways we prepare for the drop in temperature, but we often overlook ways to combat the winter blues.

Here are a few ideas on things to warm up your spirit during the cold winter months:

Spend time with loved ones. The changing of the seasons can sometimes usher in a slump in the mood. Lack of sunlight, snow, ice and more snow may have you feeling tired and irritable. The best way to lift your spirits is to stay social and spend time with family and friends.

Don’t let winter’s grey skies and cold temperatures keep you holed up at home alone. Be sure to get out and get some fresh air and enjoy outdoor winter activities like skiing, tobogganing and skating with your nearest and dearest.

Food for the soul. People say music is food for the soul. Whether you’re battling snowy roads in your car, working away at the office or spending some down time at home, keep yourself in good spirits with some favourite tunes or a good laugh. A great way to keep your options open is satellite radio. Siriusxm offers commercial-free listening and has something to suit everyone’s musical tastes – pop, rock, country, electronic, dance, jazz and classical.

Prepare a healthy home-cooked meal. We have a tendency to eat more during the colder months, whether celebrating or simply gathering with friends and family at a favourite restaurant. Instead of visiting a favourite greasy spoon again, try cooking a healthy meal at home for your family. There is something comforting in preparing and eating a home cooked meal and sometimes, there’s nothing like good conversation over a good banquet at the dinner table to bring loved ones together.

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Posted: Feb 2, 2016

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