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How to apply for your dream job

Whether you have managed to secure a job or are still looking, many newly arrived immigrants are actively on the search for the career inspiring and fulfilling professional position.

It is important to give your full attention to the job you have, regardless of whether it is an entry level job or higher in the organization.

However, if you still want a position more suited to your expertise and credentials then it is important for you to keep looking at job postings.

There are many opinions about whether or not to apply for several different jobs.

One opinion is that if you keep applying to many, different kinds of jobs then hiring managers may perceive you as “a frequent flyer” meaning that they may perceive you as a frivolous opportunist.

However, sometimes even though one might think that an advertised job is beyond one’s reach, it would be important to closely assess the job profile and if it is something that is perhaps beyond your comfort zone but your skills may match the requirements, there is no harm in applying.

Many organizations post their job openings on their websites.

Even if you find job postings in newspapers or job sites like Workopolis, it is advisable to go to the organization’s website to get a more complete job posting that lists all of the competencies required.

The application process is critical.

letter and resumé you answer every nugget of the requirements.

When large organizations post a position they often ask all the selection team members to provide input into the job posting so make sure that you are making your profile appealing to every selection team member.

Always have a trusted friend or mentor check your resumé and cover letter. It leaves a bad impression when there are glaring grammatical, spelling or structural errors in your application package.

Finally, do not contact people on the hiring team ahead of time even if you know them.

It leaves a “bad taste” when hiring team members feel that they are being put into an awkward position.

You can talk to your mentor or if you know someone in the organization who is completely removed from the hiring process, it might be okay to ask about the organization’s mission, vision and values.

This would be good research; but to openly ask for information about the selection process would be considered inappropriate.

• Dr Vicki Bismilla is a retired Superintendent of Schools and retired college Vice-President, Academic, and Chief Learning Officer.

Posted: Jan 2, 2017

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