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10 tips to reduce privacy breaches in your small business

Small businesses and entrepreneurs often collect consumer information to better serve their customers and to build their business.

When gathering this information, remember that privacy breaches are costly.

In the short term, businesses are on the hook for an expensive clean up.

In the long term, that breach can eat away at consumer trust and lead to loss of future business.

“Privacy breaches can erode the trust Canadians have in their institutions, so it is imperative that we all take greater care when we are handling personal information,” explains Daniel Therrien, Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

“That means building adequate physical, technological, administrative and personnel security controls to minimize the risk of a breach.”

Use these tips to help prevent privacy breaches:

1. Understand what personal information is collected and why.

2. Identify weak points by carrying out risk assessments of digital and paper systems.

3. Be aware of any privacy breaches in your industry.

4. Limit the personal information collected and retained to that which is necessary.

5. Encrypt mobile devices that hold personal information.

6. Invest in physical, technological, and organizational safeguards to protect personal information.

7. Train employees to make sure privacy controls are being followed.

8. Securely and permanently destroy information that is no longer needed.

9. Limit and monitor access to information by employees.

10. Keep software up to date, and invest in intrusion prevention and detection systems.

Find more information online at priv.gc.ca.

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Posted: Apr 3, 2017

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