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New in Canada? Find a new way to work!

Since February, businesses and workers in Toronto’s hospitality industry have found a new way to work: Hyr (Hi-re).

Hyr is a new tool which helps businesses find workers, when they need them. And they’re loving it.

With Hyr, businesses are accessing a whole new talent pool, connecting with top quality independent contractors, on demand. And workers are accessing what they need most – money – fast and shifts when they have extra time in their schedules. 

Since launch, Hyr already has attracted over 50 businesses in Toronto, and has filled over 500 shifts. There are over 2500 workers with profiles ready to pick up shifts, on demand! 

It’s expensive and time consuming for businesses to keep hiring and replacing workers in the hospitality industry. Turnover is high and studies show it can cost as much as $8,000 to replace a shift-work employee.

But there are experienced and ambitious workers out there ready to do those jobs on the side. Businesses and workers just need to connect.

 It’s 2017 – want section ads, mass asking, and recruiting agencies are outdated and inefficient ways to hire.

 “It was time for a new solution.  Professionals are looking to pick up shifts, and get paid quickly, while restaurants and bars are struggling with their staffing,” said Erika Mozes, cofounder of Hyr. “Hyr is changing the way people work.”

 How it works: 

Businesses post shifts – taking them minutes  – and they are matched with professionals who apply to that shift.  

The business chooses the rate of pay and from the applicants who apply.  

Convenience is built in – everything is done through the app – including payment and checking in and out – it’s easy!

 Hyr launched in Toronto, and is also operating in New York City.  As of the Fall, retail positions will also be made available. 

 For more information,  visit www.hyr.work

Posted: Sep 6, 2017

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