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Canada’s bridge training programs help skilled immigrants get jobs

The government of Canada is providing $22 million to help skilled immigrants in Ontario find jobs.

The Bridge Training program helps skilled immigrants enter the Canadian labour market and find employment that matches their education and skills. The program funds regional projects in Ontario that help skilled immigrants get a Canadian licence in a regulated profession, or the training they need to get work in regulated and non-regulated careers. The program also funds initiatives that reduce barriers to the integration of foreign-trained workers.

The Bridge Training program has been co-funded since 2007-08 by the government of Canada and the government of Ontario. To-date, over 200 projects have been funded and over 35,000 immigrants in Ontario have benefited from the program.

The government of Canada is committed to attracting, retaining and integrating immigrants into Ontario communities.

Federally funded settlement services have enabled significant expansion and enhancement of both language training and settlement services.

Since 2006, the government of Canada has tripled funding for settlement services in Ontario.

Posted: Apr 30, 2011

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