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Global designation to help foreign-trained accountants

The recognition of foreign qualifications is one of the pressing issues of immigrants.

Many foreign-qualified accountants carry the UK or US qualifications from their education system in the home countries. Since Canada focuses mostly on local designations, many foreign-qualified professionals take a long time to utilize their full potential, integrate and contribute to the Canadian economy.

A single global designation, CGMA, formed by two of the world’s largest professional bodies – CIMA and AICPA – will ease this situation as many accountants with UK and US qualifications will now be able to get the internationally recognized CGMA designation automatically or with relative ease
CGMA was launched on February 1, 2012, at the official residence of the British Consul General Jonathan Dart.

Global Past President of CIMA, and Paul Stahlin, the Immediate Past Chair of AICPA attended the event as chief guests.

The speakers emphasized the greater need for management accountants in today’s uncertain world and why a single global designation – a designation that is of the same standard anywhere in the world, a designation committed to a common code of ethics and continuous professional development – is needed.

Posted: Feb 29, 2012

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