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More healthcare options in Ontario

What a newcomer may not know about Canada’s health care system is that you have comprehensive options that include family health teams, nurse practitioners and urgent care centres.

These different services provide care that will help curb ER wait times and improve access to primary care providers.

While family physicians and ER doctors continue to play an invaluable role in the health care system, nurses and other practitioners have taken on larger roles in delivering primary care. Ontarians are empowered to make the right choice based on their individual needs. Some of those choices are:

300 family health teams, with health care practitioners like nurse practitioners, dietitians and family doctors that provide care through one point of access;

Expanded breast screening centres, with 155 clinics that provide women 50-plus with mammograms (without a referral from a doctor);

25 nurse practitioner-led clinics which will be open across the province by the spring of 2012;

15 urgent care centres in major cities help alleviate ER congestion and deliver faster care;

More than 100 community health centres that provide support and services for newcomers.

Ontario is using a modern, improved access to care approach to deliver health care. You now have more health care

You can visit www.ontario.ca/healthcareoptions to learn more about the options available in your community.

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Posted: May 30, 2012

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