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This summer, newcomers discover Toronto by bike

Newcomers are getting to know Toronto by bike this summer, with a program offered by CultureLink Settlement Services in partnership with Cycle Toronto.

Bike Host matches new immigrants who are interested in cycling with experienced mentors who ride regularly. “We carefully select our mentors for their diverse and interesting professional experience, and strong communications skills,” says Fei Tang, Manager of the Community Connections Mentorship Program.

Sabbithry Persad joined Bike Host in 2011, hoping to expand her social network. “With Bike Host I met people from different cultural backgrounds. I became friends with other participants, and I overcame some of my fears of cycling on the street,” she says. “I'm back in 2012, as a mentor.”

Newcomers can register online at www.culturelink.ca.

For more information, contact Fei Tang at 416-588-6288, ext. 217, ftang@culturelink.ca; Sabbithry Persad at info@firewater mediagroup.com; Kristin Schwartz, Cycling Outreach Co-ordinator at 416-588-6288, ext 229, cycling@culturelink.ca.

Posted: Jul 4, 2012

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