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Become employable by Fall

School's out and finally you can catch up on all your favourite soaps, take long naps through the day, and read up on the latest celebrity gossip.

It sounds like a great plan, but you may want to look into activities that will boost your chances of securing a job this fall.

Youth counsellors tell us that summer is a perfect time to participate in activities that will boost job prospects when the time comes. 

Take a look at these suggestions:
Try something new. Learn to tap dance. Go skydiving. Master a difficult recipe. Take a course and learn to communicate in sign language. Interesting facts about yourself on your resumé will make you stand apart from the crowd and can provide some friendly banter in the midst of an intense job interview.
Find a mentor. Get in touch with a professor, relative, or friend who is working in a field that you're interested in. Then ask lots of questions about their career journey to learn how they got to where they are. It will inspire you to take steps in the right direction.
Make a difference. Think outside the box and see if there is a way to use your skills to help others. Are you good at directions? Volunteer to drive and deliver meals to seniors and shut-ins. Are you great at planning events? Host a fundraiser for a cause you're passionate about. Volunteering will pay off in the long run as employers look for individuals who show initiative.

Make this summer count and employers may just give your resumé a second look.
– News Canada

Posted: Jul 4, 2012

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