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Ontario fine tunes immigration strategy

In October, Ontario received the final report from Ontario’s Expert Roundtable on Immigration, which outlines 32 recommendations that will inform Ontario’s first immigration strategy.

The expert roundtable was asked to address issues of immigrant selection, settlement and integration, and examine how immigration can best support Ontario’s economic and labour market growth.

The report found that:
• Immigration is critical to Ontario’s economic success.
• For the province to prosper and remain globally competitive, it needs more skilled immigrants.
• The province must ensure that effective programs and services are available to help improve settlement and integration for all immigrants.

Ontario is now committed to an immigration strategy that will focus on how immigration can best support the province’s economic development and ensure immigrants’ success.

Charles Sousa, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, said, “This will help us develop Ontario’s first immigration strategy that will support economic development in the province. Their recommendations are an important building block as we move forward together.”

“We are happy to have had the opportunity to help shape Ontario’s first immigration strategy,” said Julia Deans, Chair, Expert Roundtable on Immigration. “It is clear to us that immigration is critical to the well-being of all Ontarians.”

Ontario’s Expert Roundtable on Immigration was composed of leaders and experts from the business, academic, economic and immigration sectors.

As part of the development of Ontario’s immigration strategy, the province has consulted with stakeholders and organizations, including the francophone community.

Posted: Oct 31, 2012

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