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“Scotiabank has made things really easy for newcomers.”

Names: Kamal Jit Singh Bawa and family

Country of origin: India

Year of arrival in Canada: 2010

Why I am a Scotiabank customer: Kamal Jit is a self-described fan of the  Scotiabank StartRight® Program for Newcomers. “We learned of the Program back in India, when we got our immigration papers. At a seminar conducted at the Canadian High Commission by Scotiabank,  I learned how Scotiabank makes it simple for newcomers to open an account while still in India.” Kamal Jit found the information extremely helpful and when his family was ready to move to Canada, he went to the Scotiabank branch in Connaught Place, Delhi, and opened an account. 

“Getting a credit card is such a helpful starting point.” You need a credit history to buy everything from a car to a house in Canada, and we were able to begin building ours from day one. Mahinder Chawla, our contact at the Scotiabank branch, was very welcoming and helpful. We walked in, and while we were chatting, all the formalities were taken care of. It was a very efficient and pleasant experience, indeed.” Kamal Jit continues to recommend the Scotiabank StartRight Program to fellow immigrants. “When we were ready to buy a house, Scotiabank organized our mortgage. It’s one program that really makes things easy for newcomers.”

Posted: Jul 3, 2013

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