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“Understanding your needs is key to good banking service.”

Intesar Khan, Branch Manager, Bramalea City Centre, Brampton, Ontario. 905-790-5604, ext 7000.

Name: Intesar Khan

Country of origin: Pakistan

Year of arrival in Canada: 1976

How I became a Scotiabanker: “The first bank we walked into was Scotiabank!” says Intesar Khan, who has been with the bank for over 20 years now. “It was the bank closest to home. My father, who had come two years previously as a refugee from Idi Amin’s Uganda, had dealt with Scotiabank and felt comfortable there.”

Intesar’s advice for newcomers: Making customers feel comfortable is the bank’s philosophy. By far the largest number of clients at Intesar’s branch are Punjabis from India, followed by Pakistanis and Portuguese. The staff at the bank reflect the customer base and speak several languages between them. The aim is to pair a client with an officer who understands where they are coming from. “The Scotiabank StartRight® Program for Newcomers is a comprehensive program that addresses every banking need,” says Intesar. “From opening a savings or chequing account to more complex needs, the program is designed to help all newcomers. I believe we are here to provide a solution to the unique needs of every individual who walks in through our doors. We are here to build a one-on-one relationship with you. The officer that is assigned to a customer keeps notes in the system. So as a customer gets established and his needs grow or change, we can say this is what we talked about last, these were your goals, and this is how we can help you achieve them. I feel I am adding value. Not just doing a job, but helping someone.”

Posted: Sep 5, 2013

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