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“Scotiabank’s financial advisor offered tips on building credit history.”

Names: Narendra and Devangini Patel

Country of origin: India

Year of arrival in Canada: 2013

Why we are Scotiabank customers: The Patels’ smooth landing was partly thanks to the advice they received when they attended a federal government seminar in India that provided newcomers with guidance on everything from immigration processes to dressing for Canada’s climate. They also met a Scotiabank representative at the seminar who explained the Scotiabank StartRight® Program which includes a free day-to-day bank account for one year, a wide range of credit card options and a number of other customized services and benefits. Narendra and his wife completed the paperwork at Scotiabank’s Mumbai branch, so that their account would be available when they arrived in Canada. Narendra describes Scotiabank’s Keele and Toro branch Financial Advisor Rosaria Celani as “a real gem and an instant helper, since she explained all the details perfectly and took whatever time we needed.”

The staff was really welcoming: Rosaria also alleviated Narendra’s doubts about using a credit card. She offered tips on responsible card usage to build a good Canadian credit history – an important goal since the couple hopes to someday purchase a home. “You have to decide what you want from a bank, and then find the one that will give you those answers.”

Posted: Oct 30, 2013

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