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A visit to Scotiabank proves beneficial to newcomers.

Newcomer Muhammad Adnan discovered 
the many advantages of the Scotiabank StartRight Program.

Name: Muhammad Adnan

Country of origin: Pakistan

Year of arrival in Canada: 2012 

Why I am a Scotiabank customer: Adnan worked as a risk officer at a commercial bank in Faisalabad, Pakistan. On arriving in Saskatoon, he found work as a construction site supervisor. When the prairie winter halted building work, he trained as a tax preparer at a tax return agency and later added a night shift at a pizza shop to pay the bills and support family back home. “As immigrants, we have to work hard,” explains Adnan, who holds a Masters degree in finance. “Prepare your mind, because whatever you find, you just have to do. It’s also good to go to immigrant associations since they help introduce you to the community.” He accompanied a classmate to open an account at Scotiabank. They were pleasantly surprised that Sarah Rowe, Personal Banking Officer, took her time to patiently explain the banking options for newcomers including how immigrants can get a credit card and mortgage.  

She answered all our questions:  Adnan was so impressed that he made another appointment with Sarah to open his own Scotiabank account through the Scotiabank StartRight® Program. The Scotiabank StartRight Program includes a free day-to-day bank account for one year, a wide range of credit card options and a number of other customized services and benefits. 

Posted: Dec 4, 2013

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