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“Our first interaction with Scotiabank had a personal touch”

Scotiabank customers Raman Sharma and Rajni Dogra

Names: Raman Sharma and Rajni Dogra

Country of origin: India

Year of arrival in Canada: 2011

Why we are Scotiabank customers: Rajni did her homework before coming to Canada. “My research revealed that Canada is ranked consistently among the world’s top five countries, not only for earning potential, but also for quality of life and infrastructure. There are also lots of Indians here!” The couple first heard about the Scotiabank StartRight® Program for Newcomers from their immigration consultant. Rajni describes their first interaction with Scotiabank as very professional with a personal touch. On their very first visit, they opened their accounts and soon received their unsecured credit cards. Rajni compares this positive experience with their experience at another bank. “I was not told upfront that I would be charged service fees if I didn’t maintain a minimum balance. To top it off, seven months later, they still hadn’t given me a credit card.”  

I could run a marathon for Scotiabank: “The Scotiabank advisor spent a few hours talking to me about opportunities for newcomers in Canada, and my career options. He went beyond his job description to help. When I find something good, I share it with all my friends. Now I’m telling them all to move to Scotiabank. I tell them I could run a marathon for Scotiabank!”

Posted: Mar 5, 2014

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