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Apprenticeship Forum targets newcomers for the trades

As part of its drive to attract more new immigrants to the trades, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum held three specialized information sessions across Canada in March. 

Funded by Citizenship Immigration Canada, the sessions were held in Mississauga, Ontario; Moncton, New Brunswick; and Vancouver, British Columbia.  

“This initiative is about reaching out to new Canadians to share information about the many opportunities available in the skilled trades,” said CAF’s Executive Director, Sarah Watts-Rynard. 

“Canada is facing skills shortages in many trades, with requirements for as many as one million tradespeople. The trades are a great option, offering well-paid employment for Canadians and new immigrants alike.” 

The sessions provided information such as how to qualify as a certified tradesperson; the ins and outs of apprenticeship; and the perks and benefits of working in the trades. 

The ultimate goal of the sessions is to promote diversity in the skilled trades workforce and to ensure more immigrants benefit from the opportunities for employment in the skilled trades. 

Statistics show that individuals who pursue and complete apprenticeship training have:
• Better employment outcomes, both immediately after completion and several years post-completion.
• Better earning potential – in the short and longer term.
• Higher levels of job satisfaction and job security

Becoming certified in Canada is also a worthwhile goal for immigrants. 

Statistics show that those with certificates in their trade earn the highest annual wages with a median wage of $27 an hour. 

Non-certified workers, on the other hand, earn much less, according to experts. 

Posted: Apr 1, 2014

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