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A new start with Second Career

Second Career provides laid-off workers with skills training to help them find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario.

Second Career is a cost-sharing grant provided on the basis of need, so you may be asked to contribute what you can to your training or education. 

Second Career provides up to $28,000 for tuition, books, other instruction costs such as manuals or workbooks, transportation, and a basic living allowance.

Additional support may be available to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, dependent care, costs of living away from home and academic upgrading.

You can apply to Second Career if you:
• Are laid off or have been laid off since January 2005.
• Are unemployed or working an interim job.
• Are choosing to retrain for a career that is in demand.
Second Career helps applicants based on their:
• Active job search
• Length of unemployment
• Education background
• Work history
• Labour market prospects
• Training request
• Experience and occupational skills

Call 416-325-2929 or toll- free at 1-800-387-5514 or visit an Employment Ontario assessment centre to find out if you should apply for Second Career. 

Posted: Apr 30, 2014

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