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Helping newcomers to Canada achieve success with a $2 million investment

Costas Menegakis, Parliamentary Secretary to Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, attended the grand opening of a Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) centre and announced an investment of more than $2 million for settlement services.

The new CNC centre will provide newcomer parents with child care services while they take advantage of settlement programs.

Located at Windsor’s Unemployed Help Centre, CNC provides onsite child care for newcomers who want to take advantage of long-term settlement services, such as language training or to access child care for brief periods, in order to attend appointments or participate in short-term settlement programming. 

The settlement services ensure newcomers are able to contribute to the Canadian economy more quickly and achieve success in the labour market.

The Unemployed Help Centre is a non-profit charitable organization that provides various programs and services, such as employment, educational and career counselling in the Windsor and Essex County areas.

A few quick facts: 
• In April 2013, Canada launched CNC as the new standard for child care services provided by government-funded service provider organizations.
• CNC is designed to reduce access barriers to settlement services for newcomers who may not have the financial means to provide care for their children while they attend the settlement services that are critical to their integration in Canada.
• The Settlement program supports initiatives that help newcomers integrate quickly into their communities and the labour market, such as language training, career counselling and orientation information.
• Citizenship and Immigration Canada provided funding of more than $2 million to the Unemployed Help Centre to ensure newcomers have the support they need to integrate into Canadian society.

 “Our government is proud to provide support initiatives that help our newcomers achieve success,” said Menegakis. 

“By continuing to make investments in settlement services across Canada, we are ensuring that newcomers integrate into their new communities and make lasting contributions to the Canadian labour market and economy.,” he added.  

Posted: Sep 30, 2014

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