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Entrepreneur drives innovation forward

Baljit Sierra left a career as a successful Bay Street lawyer, raised money from family and friends and launched Novo Plastics in 2006.

What began as a small operation with just Sierra and two employees has grown to an 80,000 square-foot facility employing an ethnically diverse workforce of 75 and a world-class senior management team.

Novo Plastics designs and manufactures plastic parts for its automotive and consumer/commercial customers with a focus on innovative technology. It is known for air-intake systems, motor acoustic technology and external aerodynamic parts. Its mandate is to engineer and develop technology that delivers cost-effective solutions with significant environmental benefits.

Both the federal and provincial governments have shown faith in the technology and Novo Plastics is working with global car manufacturers including companies in India.

“Entrepreneurship is a lot of hard work but very rewarding,” says Sierra. “I was entrepreneurial in nature all through. I put everything I had on the table. We were also fortunate. We have a great team and things worked out. Canada is a great place to do business in.”

As a one-year old, Baljit Sierra didn’t have much of a say in his parents’ decision to move to Canada in 1967, but he has no doubts it was the best decision they could have made for the family. Canada is a country with a lot of opportunities for all who come here, he says.

Posted: Sep 30, 2015

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